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Solar Energy Installation

Solar Energy Installation
Solar Energy Installation
Solar Energy Installation
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Brand: Greener Country
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Product Description

Using solar energy and energy efficient technologies, you will:

  • Improve the environment.
  • Reduce your consumption of fossil fuels by providing your our clean energy.
  • Lower your monthly electric bills.
  • Save money in the long term by "buying your electricity up front" for the next 25 years (electricity costs generally increase 3% per year!).
Call us today at 631-319-6588 or email info@greenercountry.com 

A quality installation, LIPA, Con Ed and You … How the Solar Process Works 

Every day, enough energy falls on the earth to provide 27 years worth of power for every inhabitant -- harnessing that energy is the challenge. With a solar system, sunlight is collected by roof-mounted solar modules. This sunlight is then transformed through an inverter from DC power into AC "household" power; the form of electricity used by most standards lights, computers and appliances. You use the power your solar system generates and draw power from the power grid when you need it (at night and overcast days).

During a sunny day (70% of our days are sunny), you’ll likely generate more power than you need. This excess power is sold back to your utility company via the power grid. In other words, you’ve become a power company, and the utility is your customer - this is called net metering.

What is Net Metering?

Net metering occurs when a customer’s PV system generates more electric energy than their consumption. When this occurs the electric meter will spin in reverse. This excess electricity is returned to the LIPA/Con Ed system. At the end of each month, the net metered customer is billed only for the net consumption; that is, the amount of electricity consumed, less the amount of electricity produced.

Shrinking Energy Bills

Since you’re buying far less electricity and you’re making money selling the excess power, your utility bill can decline to a tiny fraction of what it once was, and your power utility will have less demand for power so they can burn less polluting fossil fuels.


We Deliver the Total Package

1. Lower Cost of Installation

As part of our solar energy commitment, we set our prices competitively. We continually negotiate better prices with manufacturers, so we can pass the savings along to you. We believe in honest pricing -- no game playing, no hidden extras or fees. We works directly with LIPA to help you secure all the rebates available to you.

2. Superior Service & Process Management

Wouldn't it be nice to work with someone that has your interests in mind?

  • Setting your schedule around your contractor? We set our schedule around yours.
  • Tired of not getting your calls returned? We make every effort to return your call in a timely fashion.
  • Confused by the techno-babble?  We speak simple English.
  • We are fully staffs by fellow Long Islanders.
  • We literally have hundreds of customer testomonials you can call, just ask us!

We manage the entire project through to completion, continually updating you throughout so you know the status. We handle all the paperwork...utility rebates, building permits and all utility interconnection agreements.   

We even come back once a year for up to 5 years to inspect the system...FREE!

3. One-stop Shopping

We design systems to meet your objectives and delivers the best system for your needs and available space.  Count on us for industry-leading economic evaluations so you can feel secure making the right decisions.

We will supply all the necessary paperwork for you to approve in one sitting.  We will lay out a clear schedule for installation and utility interconnection. Relax, we'll do all the work!

Our local installation staff know what's best for you and your home.

4. Best Warranties

The solar panels we sell are guaranteed to perform at their specified output for 25 years...with an expected life of 30-40 years. The inverters we install carry a 10-year warranty, so if something should fail in the first 10 years (very, very rare), we'll replace it free of charge. And to ensure that your system is operating at its peak performance, our installtion provides a 10 year parts and labor warranty.

Call us today at 631-319-6588 or email info@greenercountry.com

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