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Rain Barrel Upcycled 55 Gallon

Rain Barrel Upcycled 55 Gallon
Rain Barrel Upcycled 55 Gallon
Rain Barrel Upcycled 55 Gallon
Rain Barrel Upcycled 55 Gallon
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Product Description

Upcycled 55 Gallon Rain Barrel

All barrels are Food Quality High Density Poly Ethylene Barrels that were previously used to ship pickled food overseas. We clean and rinse them with rain water and PH neutral soap so you never have to worry about harsh containments getting on your plants. Before determining which color or size barrel to order there are several factors to be considered. Barrel colors available are Terra-Cotta, Black, Brown, Blue and Gray.
Special pricing and shipping available for multiple quantity rain barrels. Call us 1-877-680-6010, ask for Robert.>
See our question and answer list below.

The Terra-Cotta barrels come from Greece and had olives in them. They are the perfect color to match your terra-cotta planters and hanging pots that all the nurseries and green houses are currently selling. The color blends in well with red brick homes.

There are holes drilled into the lid for the water to drain into from your downspout. The screening keeps out the debris from the roof and keeps the mosquitoes out.

Because all barrels have a garden hose size spigot at the bottom of the barrels you have several options on how to water your plants since a garden hose, landscape tubing or drip tubing can be attached to the barrel. If you wanted to use a watering can simply situate the barrel on a wooden pedestal. The barrels also have an overflow fitting to allow the excess water that flows from the downspout to be diverted away from the barrel and a linking hose fitting so (2) or more barrels can be joined together and will all fill up from just (1) downspout.

Why is there a screen in the lid?

The screen is to keep mosquitoes and other pests out while letting the water flow freely into the barrel.

Do I need to remove the fittings for winter? 

You do not need to remove the fittings for winter. We use plastic fittings because brass and steel do not interface well with plastic barrels. These items expand and contract at a different rate, which is the major cause of other manufacturer’s barrels leaking in a short period of time. The only thing you need to do to prepare for the winter season is to drain all the water out of them, remove the linking fitting cap, and open the spigot.

Are the barrels new?

These are USED barrels. They will have some scuff marks and scratches from shipping and handling. I inspect, clean, and modify each barrel. There are no significant scuffs or scratches which would harm the structural integrity of the barrel and lead to any leakage. The spigot is installed on the nicer looking face.

How are the lids held onto the barrel?

The lids screw on and hold the cap in place in some models. In others, the lids and screen are held on with a galvanized (won't rust) lock ring.

Why are there so many holes in the lids?

Multiple holes are installed in the cap for best collection of water.

Do you paint your barrels?

These barrels are not painted. They are very inexpensive and no frills Rain Barrel. If you want to change or enhance the color of your barrel there are two products we recommend. The first is Ace Hardware brand spray paint, and the second is Krylon brand spray paint.

What kind of spigots and fittings do you use?

We use an acetal plastic spigot for the faucet and poly

Is there any assembly required?

All fittings are shipped inside the barrel and include instructions to install them into the predrilled and threaded holes.

What is the purpose of the linking fitting?

The linking fitting allows the user to connect multiple barrels together for even more free water and the overflow fitting allows the homeowner to direct the additional water away from their home.

How do I decide what color and size barrel should I order?

Before determining which color or size barrel to order the following factors must be considered:

Where is the best location to collect the water from? A tool shed roof can work as well as a house roof to collect the water. A 4’ x 8’ sheet of plywood that receives ¼” of rain will fill a 55 gallon barrel. Then look at the surrounding area, If you prefer to hide it behind a tree or large bush our Black or Brown barrels work well. The Terra Cotta color blends nicely with Red Brick homes. Some people prefer to decorate their barrel, then Blue is an excellent choice. If you want to put your rain barrel around the corner from where the gutter is we offer flex hoses to enable you to install it there. Our barrels are meant to be left outside during winter, just leave the spigot and the linking hose fitting open so the water drains during the winter. (If the barrel fills with water and freezes it will crack).

What installation is required to attach the rain barrel to your downspout? 

You should build your barrel up about 12” off the ground using our pedestals or you can use cinderblock or old landscape timbers. Anything that will hold the filled barrel weight of approximately 600 pounds. Basic installation requires you to cut the gutter 8 inches above the top of the barrel and attach the downspout elbow so it dispenses the water directly into the top of the barrel. Then attach a garden hose to the overflow fitting on the top section of the barrel so when it is full the additional water can be diverted away from the foundation of your house and keep the water level below the screening and prevent mosquitoes. If you have gutters that go directly into the ground use the rain water diverter to hook up your barrel. You can link 2 or more barrels together using our lonking hose. All our barrels have a linking hose fitting on the bottom section, just unscrew the cap and screw on the linking hose. All the barrels will fill with water with only 1 downspout being modified and significantly reduce the amount of water going out the overflow.

How much water pressure does a rain barrel have?

To water from your rain barrel you can use a garden hose, landscape tubing (just drill holes into the tubing near the plant) or drip tubing. You will not be able to run a sprinkler or a soaker hose from the rain barrel. But as long as you are not trying to go up hill you can go any distance from the barrel you need to, water seeks its own level, so it will always be flowing to the lowest level the hose is at. You can water hanging pots with a garden hose, start with the hose on the ground then lift it to the plant, it will have enough pressure to water 2-3 pots. You need to lower the hose to get the pressure back

Do you have warranties on your rain barrels? Yes, our products carry a 5 year warranty on the material and workmanship. The only way this warranty can be voided is if you leave the barrel out during the winter without opening the spigot and linking hose fitting – if the barrel fills with water and freezes the barrel will crack.


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