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The Pantry Pest Trap by Safer Brand

The Pantry Pest Trap by Safer Brand
The Pantry Pest Trap by Safer Brand
The Pantry Pest Trap by Safer Brand
The Pantry Pest Trap by Safer Brand
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Product Description

The Pantry Pest - Pantry Moth Trap by Safer Brand

Protect your pantry!  You could be bringing moths into your house without knowing it!! This pack of 2 pantry moth traps offer an economical and convenient natural pest control solution to moths flying around your pantry.

The SaferŪ Brand The Pantry PestŪ pantry moth trap controls moths and their larvae brought into your home in flour, grains and bird seed.  This pantry moth trap should be used at the first sign of infestation. 

If there are already many of these moths flying around the food source, we also carry Safer Brand Flying Insect Killer (SKU: gard042) to kill on contact and the SaferŪ Brand The Pantry PestŪ Trap to kill the larvae and eradicate the population by attracting the males, ultimately trapping those males thereby breaking the breeding cycle.

Two pantry moth traps per box(pack) for a total of four pantry moth traps. Each pantry moth trap will offers 400 square feet of protection! This pheromone pantry moth trap is organic and safe for use around pets and children!

SaferŪ Brand The Pantry PestŪ trap features a time released pheromone that will last upwards of 3 months!

This pantry moth trap is easy to use. Simply place lure on glue and discard when trap is full. That is it!! Effective moth control starts and ends with the SaferŪ Brand.

Directions for Use:

Pantry Moth Trap Placement

Place the pantry moth trap near the problem area, generally where dreid foods are stored. Locations include the basement, pantry, kitchen, or garage.

Choose a location where the pantry moth trap will get the most air circulation but will not be damaged by swinging doors or foot traffic.

To Remove and Dispose:

The lure for the pantry moth trap should last at least 3 months. Check trap weekly to determine if it is full or excessively dirty. Discard when full. To discard, wrap trap in newspaper and dispose in household trash.

All About Meal Moths

Meal moths can be found in a variety of areas where food is stored.  Besides, your home kitchen, these pests may be found in grocery stores and restaurants.

Observation, sanitation, disposal, and proper storage are all ways to help prevent and control infestations. Moth pheromone traps, often called pantry moth traps, also help control these kitchen cupboard pests.

So... What's a Meal Moth?

Meal moth larvae can cause considerable damage in the home kitchen as well as grocery stores, food mills, restaurants, and other food processing plants.

The adult meal moth is about 3/8" in length and has a brownish-red body with wings tipped in bronze. The larvae and eggs are both an off-white color.

Reproduction Patterns of Meal Moths

The life cycle of the meal moth can vary greatly in its length, depending on temperature and environmental conditions, and can range anywhere from a few weeks up to 3/4 of a year or more.

Adult female moths will deposit up to 300 eggs in or near food products so that when the eggs hatch, the emerging larvae will have food. Each larva will create a tunnel with its silk and droppings.

It will feed for up to 6 weeks on food products before crawling off to pupate in a crack or along the edge of a ceiling or cupboard. It will then construct a cocoon, pupate, and emerge as an adult winged moth ready to mate and lay eggs (the adult moth usually dies about a week later) and the cycle continues.

If conditions are ideal, there can be up to 5 generations in a year.

Meal Moth's Habitat

Meal moths may enter a home by flying through an open window, open door or hole in a screen.

The most common method of entry for a meal moth, however, is by hitching a ride in packaged foods and groceries.

Once there, the larvae feast on grain products, seeds, dried fruits, animals foods and many other consumables.

No more meal moths in your Frosted Flakes!



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