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HempMania Two-Tone Shoulder Bag

HempMania Two-Tone Shoulder Bag
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Price:  $56.00 
SKU: renw047
Brand: Hempmania
Weight: 4.00 LBS
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Product Description

HempMania Two-Tone Shoulder Bag

Since 1997 Hempmania has created an extensive line of high quality, earth-friendly hemp products including hemp bags, hemp backpacks, hemp wallets and a wide range of hemp accessories. We focus on creating the line in a socially responsible way in adherence to fair-trade practices and principles.  All of our hemp bags and accessories are manufactured in the highlands of Guatemala by an indigenous Mayan family business. Our company is constantly creating new hemp products for our hemp retail and hemp wholesale customers.

"Hempmania's mission is to promote the use of hemp as an eco friendly renewable material for handbags and accessories. It is our hope, that by offering hemp as an eco friendly alternative, we can make a difference in protecting the future of our planet"

What is Hemp?

Hemp and marijuana are essentially different varieties of the same plant. Hemp is used when the plant is grown cane-like for its fiber, seed, oil and hurds.  Industrial hemp's THC content is too low to produce a high.

What is Hemp used for?

Hemp today is used for thousands of different products ranging from textiles and paper to building materials, food products, and cosmetics.

Why is Hemp so great?

Hemp is weed-like and as such can be easily grown without the use of harmful toxic pesticides and fertilizers.  Its deep root system prevents soil erosion and maintains soil fertility, this makes hemp an  ideal rotation crop.  Hemp fiber is one of the strongest, most insulating and absorbent of all naturally occurring fibers.  Hemp produces more pulp per acre than timber on a sustainable basis and can be used for every quality of paper.  Hemp is valuable to our diet.  The seeds are high in protein and contain a polyunsaturated oil which is rich in the essential fatty acids and amino acids our bodies need but cannot manufacture.  The oil absorbs well into the skin making it ideal for body care products.  hemp is an environment-friendly plant that can help reduce reliance on forestry, conventionally grown cotton and petrochemicals which wreak havoc on our environment and are dangerous to human and animal health.


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